Sinners In The Hand Of An Angry God Analysis

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Sinner’s Essay Often in Sermans writers persuade their audience to behave in a spiritual or more fashion. Such is the case in Jonathan Edward’s “Sinner’s in the Hand of an Angry God” where he believes that sinners should change their ways and follow the Lord if they want happiness. Edwards wanted to impact his audience by appealing to their fears and pity. Edwards had a great impact on his Puritan audience because of his cautionary tone, dreadful imagery, and symbolic figurative language. Foremost, Edwards had a great impact on his Puritan audience because of his use of cautionary tone. I say this because in the text Edwards states, ” natural men held in the hand of God over the pit of hell.” He is saying that God is waiting on them to do…show more content…
In the text Edwards uses phrases such as,” swallowed up in everlasting destruction” and “wrath of God” to show how serious he is. He wants to make sure that his Serman is not taken lightly and that it should stay with the reader and have an everlasting effect on them. He also says, “While you are pining and perishing” to show how dreadful his imagery really is. Moreover, Edwards had a great impact on his Puritan audience because of his use of symbolic figurative language. An example of Edwards’s figurative language is when he says,” Christ has thrown the door of mercy wide open.” He uses personification to show how the door symbolizes the mercy of God. Edwards also uses loaded language such as,” while you are pining and perishing” and “swallowed up in everlasting destruction” to show the severity of the consequences that will be given by God. There are many more examples in the text that shows Edwards’ use of symbolic language and listing them here will be too long. In essence, it is clear that Edwards’ tone, imagery, and figurative language had a great impact on his Puritan audience. By using these three literary devices Edwards was able to appeal to their fear and pity. Throughout the text he uses very loaded language to prove his points and persuade the reader to follow God. All in all, Edwards believes that without God you are
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