Sinnfein Research Paper

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While Sinn Fein received this support, allowing for their party to flourish politically, they were wrongly blamed for association with the Rising. The reason for this was because the Irish republican Brotherhood and its military council were not identified as the rebellion organisers. They were the main organisers that took planned most of the Easter Rising, meaning that Sinn Fein was now known as the growing political group with power. This power and association meant that During 1917, the party became more popular and widely known due to the Rising. Many political figures, having been arrested and imprisoned during the Rising, were gaining more political status because of this. Count Plunkett, who was Joseph Plunketts father, started to become known politically.…show more content…
Due to public sympathy, the amount of people joining Sinn Fein clubs increased, with more clubs being set up as a result. There were around 11,000 people who Joined Sinn Fein in April 1917, by the end of October of the same year, there were 250,000 members altogether, with 1,200 clubs now set up as a result of the demand. These newly set up clubs developed because of public sympathy towards Sinn Fein, allowing for a significant advantage for Sinn Fein because it created an organisational base for their
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