Sino-Sinzania Economic Engagement Case Study

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Promoting positive account towards the existing Sino- Tanzania Economic Engagement requires efforts from each side, in that regard, the area will show propositions suitable for each side. The area will start with proposition suitable for Tanzanian side; the following propositions were presented by respondents, while answering qn 39 that required respondents to propose measures Tanzania Government should undertake to improve her engagement with China so as to ensure maximum positive benefits. The statistical data presented in table number 7 indicate that among the 97 respondents who responded to the question, about 25 respondents which is equivalent to 10.3 percent favored technology transfer, whereas about 21 respondents which is…show more content…
Those could include introducing a coordinated supervision and monitoring mechanism that will ensure easy sharing of information across the departments. Currently, Tanzania Investment Centre manages a One Stop Centre to serve prospective investors and the existing ones for easy and quick investment procedures; the institution has to establish a well managed harmonization of institutional frameworks that can coordinate different departments towards monitoring, assessment, and evaluation of the operations of foreign firms and solving the public displeasures. Some of the areas that require thorough redress include critical supervision of the imported goods, the proposed framework can help to improve inspection desks in all points and establishing a public platform for reporting any counterfeit items for institutional consideration.
Accordingly, the harmonization of institutional framework can be supported by the establishment of a genuine integrative database between the local enterprises and the investment firms so as to harness information and problem solving matters. The database should allow the input and output of information to all registered members at an agreed framework. At its implementation, this can help enterprises access any necessary information, for their operation, from the Government and the general public, on the other hand, Government can use it to evaluate implementation of the regulations by the enterprises. Local public
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