Sinus Research Paper

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10. Sinus Infection Cure It might be surprising to learn that reflexology can impact the congestion and inflammation of a person's sinuses. A study found that 150 adults treated with nasal irrigation and reflexology for two weeks showed an equal amount of significant improvement (5). A staggering 70% of the study participants said they saw benefits from the treatments while 35% said they were able to decrease the amount of sinus medications for their chronic sinus infections. Steps to Massaging Your Own Feet You don't need to head to the spa or rely on your partner's generosity when it comes to a foot massage. It can be done quite easily on your own. Find a comfortable chair and gather your materials nearby for the massage. 2 Cloths Soap Golf Ball or Other Massage Style Ball…show more content…
Squeeze lotion or essential oils into your hands and using your thumbs, press into the heel of the foot as you apply the lotion. Massage and rub the sole of the foot from the heel to the toes. Repeat on the other foot. Step 5 Wrap your feet in the second dry towel and let the lotion soak into the skin. You can place your feet in the slippers after you're done. This video is a visual guide to some foot massage techniques you might want to try yourself at home. While you can certainly give yourself a foot massage every night with little to no cost, you're not always getting the best massage possible. The 5 Best Foot Massage Machines Reviewed (2017 Edition) can help you make a decision about trying a foot massager where all the work is done for you. References and sources 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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