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(Avva 1) Dhanush Avva White English 1 3 December 2015 Author Study: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - The Mastermind Writer The name of Arthur Conan Doyle has become synonymous with classic detective fiction. Doyle is the creator of two of the most well-loved and widely recognized fictional characters of modern literature—the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes and his faithful friend and assistant Dr. John Watson. Holmes has continued to impress generations of readers with his masterful use of deductive reasoning and keen observation in order to solve seemingly unsolvable crimes. Supposedly known to be one of English literature 's founding fathers, Doyle has had a huge effect on writing and English literature, but there is more to this astounding author that you 're about to find out. On May 22, 1859 Arthur Conan Doyle was born to a well known, strict Irish-Catholic family in Edinburgh, Scotland. Although Doyle 's family was well-respected in the art world, his father, Charles, had accomplishments to speak of. Doyle 's mother, Mary, she is jewish a lively and well-educated woman who loved to read. She loved telling outlandish stories to her son sparking his

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