Sir Arthur Conan Doyle : The Pioneers Of Spiritualism In Sherlock Holmes

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In the years since the Fox sisters, throughout the course of our spiritualist history, there has been inspirational pioneers. Being motivated whilst reading their background history of this trio of fine pioneers, spanning over two centuries, I feel an affinity with them. These dedicated pioneers travelled worldwide, promoting spiritualism to the masses, additionally preparing the pathway for future generations to come. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the well-respected Doctor of medicine in the community furthermore a wonderful writer fame for his Sherlock Holmes stories an unequivocal spokesperson for Spiritualism, leading him to write on the subject. Likewise, Emma Hardinge Britten a strong lady, copious writer, channelling the SNU principles, which currently used today, including the founder of the “Two Worlds” Magazine. The final medium Gordon a former President of the SNU, an outstanding gentleman of the last Century, demonstrating physical phenomena, dedicating his time to teaching, latterly ordained.

As a child, I loved nothing better than relaxing in front of the coal fire naturally engrossed in Sherlock Holmes movies on our monochrome television. Nevertheless, these wonderful stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle started my lifelong passion for his juicy murder mysteries. His brilliance, not to mention his dedication to education throughout his lifetime, I admire this fine gentleman. Being an adventurous man and standing up for his unwavering beliefs on spiritualism.

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