Sir Churchill On Britain 's Past And Used Events That Defined Them

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Secondly, Churchill also reflected upon Britain’s past and used events that defined them. “Therefore, we must regard the next week or so as a very important period in our history. It ranks with the days when the Spanish Armada was approaching the Channel, and Drake was finishing his game of bowls; or when Nelson stood between us and Napoleon 's Grand Army at Boulogne.” This passage is because he reflected upon some of the greatest accomplishments that the British went through. By reflecting on the past Churchill motivated the British people to look at themselves and compare themselves to the people who went through these situations. He allowed them to reflect on how these individuals were brave and resilient, and how they won despite the odds against them. That in such remarkable situations, little Britain won . In addition, Churchill through this passage compared the German army and air force to the Spanish Armada and Napoleon’s army. He implies that even at their grandiose scale the British people of the past defeated them easily . Therefore, when Churchill looking at these past events, he implied that England was already at an advantage because they previously defeated the great Spanish Armada and Napoleon and his grand troop, so in essence Germany, in his mind, could be easily defeated too. Churchill also continued in this speech with the theme of light and darkness. He stated, “He [Hitler] has lighted a fire which will burn with a steady and consuming flame until
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