Sir Francis Drake: A Look into His Early Life Essay

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Sir Francis Drake: A Look into His Early Life
Many scholars around the world know that Ferdinand Magellan was the first to circumnavigate the world, but few people know that Sir Francis Drake was the first to circumnavigate the world and live to tell the tale afterwards (Campbell 207). In order to complete such expeditions of circumnavigating the world, Sir Francis Drake had to learn special talents and task before embarking on his expeditions. He was given the opportunity by his mother to go learn and train with his older cousin, John Hawkins, and John’s dad, William Hawkins about anything and everything pertaining to ships, politics, and government issues (Kelsey 9). After his training, he began to go on more trips across the sea to
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William Hawkins would take ships out to the coast of Africa from where he would raid French and Spanish ships. Sir Francis Drake and other kids in the household were allowed to accompany William Hawkins at sea during his ship raids and attacks. Later on back at home Sir Francis Drake was always around conversation and talk about politics, religion, trade, and foreign affairs. They always were in relations with people who were well off and knew how to speak well, dress well, and most importantly live well. Out at sea Sir Francis drake, along with his cousins and two brothers, learned that it was, “possible and profitable to seize foreign ships and cargoes from merchants who were themselves shading the law” (Kelsey 9). As a result of all this training they received from William and John Hawkins, Sir Francis Drake learned to negotiate with foreign merchants and deal with government officials. Most importantly throughout the training Francis Drake and his brothers learned how to lead and handle a ship (Kelsey 9-10). Sir Francis Drake, at the age of 18, had the privilege to be a purser on one of William Haskins’ ship on voyages into the Bay of Biscay, off the northern coast of Spain (Campbell 5). The voyages to the trading post in the Bay of Biscay is where Sir Francis Drake was involved in many pirating actions that took place there against incoming and out coming merchants (Kelsey 11). The irony about this was that William Hawkins and his other seamen that Sir
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