Sir Frederick Pollock : A Promise Or Set Of Promises Which The Law Will Enforce

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Introduction A contact is a legal binding agreement between two or more parties or in the words of Sir Frederick Pollock: "A promise or set of promises which the law will enforce". Agreement This is when one side of the party accepts an offer given from the other side, which is when the contract beginnings to form this could be done orally or written. - Invitation to Treat This is when one side of the party invites offers and then decides whether they want to accept or reject them, an example of this is the Fisher v Bell [1960] - Offer This is when there has been an expression of willingness with the intention to create a binding contract as soon as it has been accepted the offer ends, an example of this is the Harvey v Facey [1893] Consideration This is when both parties promise to perform in return for the other side to promise to provide a benefit or value. In addition this is also when each party gives the other an agreed price for the promise which is usually money or service. An example of this is when a customer goes into a bakery to buy a loaf of bread and in return the bakery receives money. Intention to create legal relation This is when both parties intend on entering a legal binding agreement; this will be a result in both parties creating a legal relation which means it can now be enforced by law. Form Depending on the agreement will depend on the formalities of the contract to whether it is written or orally. For example if it’s
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