Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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During the fourth chapter of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the journey towards the Green Chapel commences. Sir Gawain is escorted by a member of the Red Manor, who gives the knight a heed of warning. The escort offers advice to not travel to the Green Chapel, and if he chose this path, the escort would not tell of his fleeing. Sir Gawain thanks the escort for his warning but tells him that he has to keep his word, otherwise he would become a coward. The chapel was almost missed, if it not for Sir Gawain noticing “a rounded hillock on the bank of a stream, near the bed of a torrent that tumbled there” (Sir Gawain 2172-73). Sir Gawain entered the mound, which was the entrance to the chapel. Here, he met up with the Green Knight. This is where he reached the end of his quest and was destined to receive his blow to the neck. Sir Gawain moved away from the first attempt, which caused the Knight to suspect that he was not the true knight of the quest. After a dialogue was exchanged between the two, the Green Knight struck a blow to Sir Gawain, which only nicked his neck. The Green Knight told him that his wife was Morgan, whom Gawain spent time with in the Manor, and she was sent to test Gawain. The Green Knight called Sir Gawain “one of the most perfect men who ever walked on the earth” (Sir Gawain 2363). Sir Gawain replied in anger, saying that he was not a virtuous knight, therefore he doesn’t deserve such a remark.
Sir Gawain was sent back to Arthur’s…

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