Sir Gawain and The Green Knight

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Prompt #1 “Sir Gawain, think on this when you go forth among great princes (Gawain poet.373-374.243).” The Medieval Age had a general literary focus about Romance; the stories in that era consisted of imaginative adventures containing faraway places following the chivalric code, similar to fairytales. Writers often use symbolism to give significance to the plot and reference a deeper meaning. In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the poet uses symbolism to represent a whimsical world and to highlight mankind’s faults. The symbolism of the color green varies in mythical meanings. The expression of the color is seen frequently throughout the medieval romance, it is first shown in the exposition of the story.…show more content…
Sir Gawain encounters a game of temptation when he is required to stay in the castle all day with the lord’s lady; she develops an admiration for Gawain and attempts to seduce him. “He refused it and swore on his knighthood that he could take nothing (Gawain Poet.298.237).” Gawain declines the gifts many times in behalf of the chivalric code however he eventually accepts the mysterious green sash. Sir Gawain demonstrates that he lacks the skills of a quintessential knight due to the fact that he falls into greed and temptation. The Green Knight evaluates Sir Gawain’s loyalty through an arrangement they established in the rising action of the story, which was for Sir Gawain to travel to the Green Chapel on New Year’s Day. “For you kept our pact of the first night with honor and abided by your word and held yourself true to me (Gawain Poet.326-327.242).” Sir Gawain accomplished his goal to attain the quality that every knight should acquire, obedience. Sir Gawain’s loyalty to the Green Knight proves that his belief in Chivalry and his lust for perfection is still intact. The concluding assessment that Sir Gawain faces is in the resolution of the story, the Green Knight reveals that he was the previous lord and the gift of the green sash was yet another test. Sir Gawain realizes how he let greed consume his faith in the chivalric code and

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