Sir Gawain and the Green Night Discussion: Study Question Essay

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Sir Gawain & The Green Night Discussion/Study Question 1&2

1. For what purpose would Gawain poet place King Arthur in line with the founders of the ancient civilizations? The purpose is to show how well respected king Arthur was, how he was known as the greatest king in medieval times, to show how he was an important leader of medieval times and Britain.
3. While describing the knights and ladies of Arthur’s court, the Gawain poet alludes to some of the values of his audience? What adjectives, used to describe these scenes of “revelry”, correspond to these values? Some of the values are that a married women and married men can engaged in relationships with other people other value is that
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6. What is the Knights reaction to this challenge? He first refuses the offer to sit down then he refuses to fight Arthur’s men and instead play a game.
7. How does Sir Gawain rationalize his request of Arthur that be one to accept the Knight’s challenge? What qualities does he thus show? Gawain rationalizes his request to complete the Green Knight’s challenge by reciting, the rules of the game to show he actually wants to do it and isn’t being rational. This shows the qualities of courage and strength, and also thinking things through.
8. What bargain does the Green Knight strike with Gawain? That Gawain will have to report to him in a years’ time to be murdered.
9. Describe the reaction of the gathered crowd to the spectacle that enfolds before Arthur. The crowd is shocked into silence most of the time, during the feast but at other times are most likely scared or gasping.
Discussion Question On Part 2 of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight
1. Why did the lords and ladies have “sorrow” for Gawain? Why did they “make mirth” for his sake? They felt bad for Gawain because they knew he would soon be riding off to his death, they felt they had to “make mirth become happy, to cheer him up.
2. Why do you think the Gawain poet aggrandizes Gawain by describing his equipment and clothing in such extravagant and hyperbolic detail? The poet did this to emphasize on the strength and

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