Sir George Etienne Cartier, The Real Father Of Confederation

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On July 1st 1867, British colonies the Province of Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia united to form a new country. This was a very important event in history that created very important people. It is very much debatable who the real father of confederation is, for example you could argue Sir John A Macdonald was more important in uniting the provinces. Debating, who is the real father of confederation is rather pointless because Sir George Étienne Cartier is the real father of confederation.

George Etienne Cartier was born on September 6, 1814 in St Antoine Rur Richelieu. For the first part of his education he was homeschooled by his mother as a result of no schools. At 10 years old, he was enrolled in Sulpician college de Montreal. In 1831, he finished school and began his legal training at the age of 20 at a montreal 's lawyer’s office called Edouard Etienne Rodier.

On November 9th 1835, he was called to the bar of lower Canada. Amid the time he was in the process of completing his legal training he worked with Joseph Papineau and Robert Nelson. On June 24th 1835 he sung a song he had composed himself by the name of O Canada mon pays, mes amours at a banquet that honoured the birth of St-Jean-Baptiste Association . The year later he sung another song that he composed called Avant tout je suis canadien which later became a rally call for French-Canadian militants at another banquet. Both these songs became an instant success and were considered very patriotic.

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