Sir Isaac Newton: An Important Figure in Scientific History

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Sir Isaac Newton History has been characterized by important discoveries made by the world's scientists. These men and women are responsible for everything that has led humanity from the cave-dwelling Neanderthals of ancient times to the position that they hold today. Scientists are responsible for the wheel, for fire, for tools, for every single thing that people have come to accept as a part of existence. Without scientific investigation, people could not progress and society as a whole would not be able to develop. With each scientific discovery, the world at large improves and changes into a well-developed and universally intelligent entity. During times of growth, scientific inquiry has made large-scale progressions in short periods of time. In the 17th century, the world went through a period of Enlightenment, where scientific inquiry was praised and encouraged. With such a large number of individuals all advancing the population at the same time and encouraging one another's investigations, it is not surprising that this was a time when a large number of important discoveries were made. Perhaps one of the most important scientific minds in world history was Sir Isaac Newton who was an important figure not only in his own time, but founded scientific principles which would affect human beings for the rest of time. The man who would become Sir Isaac Newton was born in England in 1643. He lost his father early and his mother remarried. The loss of a beloved father
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