Sir Isaac Newton Cause And Effect

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Cause and Effect: Sir Isaac Newton
We build too many walls and not enough bridges. Greetings, I’m Sir Isaac Newton, the famed scientific discoverer of gravity. My childhood was anything but stable. Three months after my father died in 1642, I was born a small, premature infant on January 4th, 1643 in Lincolnshire. My mother remarried when I was 3 and left me with my grandmother. I hated my stepfather, and despised my mother for marrying him, even threatening to burn their house down. In school, I found my solace in books, particularly in science and mechanics. In my first year of college at Cambridge University, my mother returned and tried to make me a farmer, but farming was boring and derivative, so my uncle brought me back to school and I studied color, light, alchemy, history, and religion, particularly the Bible. After the plague, I was forced to return home, where I
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After 2 years at work in 1687, I published my most cherished work, The Principia, where the laws of gravity were explained in 3 basic laws. They explained how gravity makes the moon orbit Earth and how Earth orbits the Sun. It also explained elliptical orbits and the flattening of the poles and bulge at the equator. It completely changed scientists and people's views of the universe. Robert accused me of plagiarism, but his claims were invalid. I suffered a mental breakdown later that year for many reasons and became a recluse. After that I joined Parliament and saved England’s money crisis. It was around that time I suffered another mental breakdown but recovered quickly. I lived with my niece for my final years. It was around that time where I told the story of the falling apple that made me think about gravitational forces at my farm back home. In 1727, I suffered intense pain in my head and abdomen and lost consciousness. I never regained consciousness, and was pronounced dead the next
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