Sir Ken Robinson 's Ted Talk : Do Schools Kill Creativity?

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Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” wonderfully describes the many decade old failures of our education system in the United States. Robinson presentation passionately broke down how today’s educational system is still based off of the original factory industrialized model of education created in the Industrial age. ( Robinson, 2006) During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century the Industrial age fostered the Industrial economy, with this new robust economy, there was a shortage in qualified skilled labor force. (Leland & Kasten, 2002) The needs of the Industrial economy spawned the creation of our educational system in America, whose primary focus was to meet the needs of the under supplied economy by creating a literate skilled labor force. This educational system was analogous to the assembly line at a factory, where you create an educational model of one size fits all students. The one size fits all educational model does not account for the fact that children have many different learning styles, do not each have the same needs, strengths and or weaknesses. One could say that this Industrialized system of education views students as a machine, a nonhuman, merely a cog in the wheel that aids in the reception of state funding. So here we have this industrialized model of education, where the subjects take hierarchical order, with math, english, science and history being the top one percent, and the subjects of music, arts, drama, dance,

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