Sir Percival Short Story

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The sword’s metal clashing on the monster’s teeth, the hissing and roaring from the giant snake, and the yells of the Knight could be heard echoing around the cave. The snake struck endlessly, time after time, only to find its blows blocked by the shield of the Knight. After much trial, the Knights finally mustered up the strength to land a blow on the back of the snake’s head with his sword. The snake flinched back with a pained hiss, and then soon found itself impaled by the Knights sword. As the light from the snake’s eyes dwindled, it gave off a hiss like that of a fire being put out. The Knight, exhausted, lay himself on the ground to recover from the tiresome struggle. After laying there for some time, the Knight realized that he…show more content…
“Bless the Lord, and long live the King!” cried Percival as he knelt down. Percival prayed for eleven hours before finally deciding it was time to board the boat, and he floated away.
* * * After floating on the boat for what felt like days, Sir Percival had finally reached his destination. “God has truly blessed me,” said Percival emotionally. Sir Percival prayed for two and a half hours after exiting the boat, and proceeding towards the lone mountain on the island. After scaling the mountain, and stopping to pay his dues to God every half hour, Sir Percival finally found the cave that Joseph had been talking about. He proceeded to advance into the cave, undeterred by the very unpleasant stench. When Percival finally spotted the monster that the old man had been talking about, he found it to be sleeping, and behind it was the holy relic that Percival had been searching for years to find. The Holy Grail lay in the center of a stone altar, with ancient engravings. While the Grail was old, it still shone bright and seemed to have a mesmerizing effect on the room. Percival now set his eyes on the three headed dragon that lay in front of the altar. It was not overly large, and seemed nearly harmless while it slept. Percival devised a plan to slowly edge towards the monster, until he was close enough to hear it breathe. Once he could hear the monster breathe, Percival was to
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Percival turned towards the Grail now, and was overcome with joy and decided that he must pay his dues to God and the King. “Bless the Lord, and long live the King!” proclaimed Percival. He then knelt down before the stone altar and became so absorbed by his prayer that he failed to pay attention to his surroundings. The three headed dragon, which Percival had decapitated three times, began to stir quietly behind him. Little had he known, and he would have known had he inquired Joseph of Arimathea, that this monster that he had slain was the hydra. The hydra had the ability that when one of its heads was cut off, that two more would later grow
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