Sir Richard Branson´s Influence on the Virgin Brand

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Essay Sir Richard Branson is a British entrepreneur. He was born July 18th 1950 in Blackheath, London. He is known as the founder of the Virgin brand and to be quite the adventurer. The Virgin brand consists of more than 400 companies and to mention some of those are Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Trains and Virgin Mobile. He as a person has made several attempts to break numerous world records. Although he had to try 2 times, he broke the record in fastest Atlantic Ocean crossing with a boat. He also made a record when he crossed the English Channel in an amphibious vehicle. In general he is very flamboyant, e.g. he made a reality show where 16 contestants should do a lot of stunts, which could be to walk a line between two hot air balloons and business related challenges, in order to win 1 million dollars. His role in the Virgin brand is very crucial and without there would not be any Virgin brand. He has taken a lot of chances that many would not take and he has made himself a front figure of the company, which means that he does all of these events and adventures, not only because he like to discover the world in an extreme way, he also does it because it gives the company such a high value of marketing. When he tried to cross the Atlantic Ocean the first time, he failed and had to be rescued by a helicopter. That event made a huge media coverage all around the world and pictures of the Virgin Atlantic Challenger, which is the boat where the Virgin name
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