Sir Robert Borden's Role as Canadian Prime Minister

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“Our first duty is to win, at any cost!” Sir Robert Borden played an important role as Canadian Prime Minister during World War I, and while he is to be praised, he also to be held accountable for his actions; especially in the passing of Bills through parliament. Sir Robert Borden had not a great vision but more so a motto to live up to (to strive for), a country to lead in a worldwide war, and decisions that if not taken in a certain light, would have disrupted the newly forming “peaceful” dominion into a divided house. Through the study of Dr. Tim Cook’s writing, in the Journal of Military and Strategic Studies, Volume 13, Issue3, Spring 2011, it displays Sir Robert Borden as what would be a typical well-off successful Canadian. He had the belief that he was like many Canadians and that his task as the Prime Minister during World War I was a single-minded victory and that the country would damn the costs. He had a vision that Canada would be known as neither a colony nor disputed territory, but as a single unified nation without a colonial tie to the Empire. He was a solid Prime Minister for his time, he did what the majority of people would not, and so he was not exceptional but highly regarded. He went through the challenges and issues head strong and somehow pulled through, and he transformed soon afterward. Sir Robert Borden originally was never in politics as his choice of career, but when the Conservatives called upon him, he was obliged to join. He was very

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