Sir Robert Peel And The New Metropolitan Police

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Sir Robert Peel, (1788-1850), was a British statesman who has been largely credited with creating or founding the first Metropolitan Police Force in London, England. Peel was serving in the capacity of Home Secretary in 1829 when Parliament passed the London Metropolitan Police Act which established a 1,000 member police force in London (Bohm, 2010). Peel organized the new Metropolitan Police based on nine tenets, which over time became 12 standards. Many of these 12 standards are still in use today, not only in England, but here in the United States as well. Peel organized his Metropolitan Police Force based on his first standard, and that is that “the police must be stable, efficient, and organized along military lines” (Bohm, 2010, p.141). Up until this time, policing in England had been loosely organized, and there was no central leadership. Whether it was the Tithing System, where 10 families joined together to abide by and enforce the rules in their area, or the Constable Watch System, which was used later, the police in England had little organization or training (Bohm, 2010). That changed under Peel, and his first standard of organizing the police along military lines brought order and leadership to the police force. There were officers of higher ranks, like the military, who supervised the actions of the lower ranked officers. Law enforcement departments today are still organized in this para-military manner. Every police department has supervisors of
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