Sir Robert Peel Essay

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Sir Robert Peel Review
Danny Granillo
CJA 214
September 27th, 2011
Jason Hillis

Sir Robert Peel Review
American policing has been around for years and is extremely likely to be around for hundreds of generations to come. Very early policing and punishments could include public humiliation and even torture. Times have changed since the beginnings of police tactics now it is incredibly uncommon to see public humiliation due to a crime. American policing has changed multiple times over the past hundred plus years. In most eyes the changes have been for the best of the policing system, trying to establish a concrete system. The policing system has developed overtime into a professional position, preventing crime, using the police
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The police officers that went into the public had to meet certain qualifications. The officer had to act in a professional manner while in the public. Theses officers were even tempered and did not lash out quickly with violence physically or verbally. These officers were trained to be a well-mannered, in control of oneself, and respectful officer. After gaining respect of the citizens Sir Robert Peels next major task was preventing crime and establishing authority.
Preventing crime was the primary purpose for Sir Robert Peel and his associates. In order to prevent crime the London Metropolitan Police Act needed to be approved by parliament. In 1829 the act was passed and Sir Robert Peel took advantage of this. This created a full time uniformed police agency that would patrol the city with the effort of preventing crime from happening. With the public now respecting officers and officers patrolling the streets that every citizen walked on the police officers eventually gained a form of authority in the public. This authority came with the training for the job and the citizens recognizing that the officer is there to help and prevent crime. United States development of a formal policing agency came from
Sir Robert Peel and what the London Metropolitan Police have become. The law enforcement in the United States developed in the early years of colonization. The colonies took what the English was doing and developed their own system

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