Sir Robert Peel Policing

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Running Head: SIR ROBERT PEEL Sir Robert Peel: Effects on Modern Policing CJA/214 Sir Robert Peel Paper: Effects on Modern Policing Through many years in our history, policing worked without checks and balances, and strictly with trail and error. The structure that was used in those days was not entirely solid in design. There was no procedure to fight crime and law enforcement had no basis. Then, modern policing began in the early nineteenth century. Sir Robert Peek finally allowed for a change in the criminal justice system after years of society trying to convince SIR ROBERT PEEL the English Parliament. There would ultimately be a plan to fight crime in England. Sir Robert Peel progressively designed a structure that was a…show more content…
The method did something for the public that was very important for the future of law enforcement; they showed the public that there entire job was based on securing their safety. The relationship between the public and the police would begin to grow after this latest structure. Furthermore, Peel believed that police officers should enforce the laws but should not hold judiciary responsibilities. Finally, SIR ROBERT PEEL Peel’s idea in regards to crime was the more police effort would ultimately reduce crime and violence regardless of how many criminals were actually apprehended. Although law enforcement has evolved tremendously since the 1800’s, the 4 principles first established by Sir Robert Peel are still the roots to the structure we see today in the police force. The United States modern policing are designed based on three elements including professional, specialized, and public. The element of professional is used because the officers at all levels in law enforcement dedicate their lives and time to their job so they are classified as professionals. Law enforcement is specialized because all officers have the ultimate objective of enforcing the law and preventing crime. Government agencies also have the responsibility to maintain public safety so they are ideally related to the public. Peel originally structured his design based on the idea that a patrolling police force
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