Sir Thomas Malory 's ' Excalibur '

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When you think of the name Sir Thomas Malory you might think of a brave knight who fights in the great battles. Believe it or not but this guy spent most of his life in jail. Historians claimed that this guy committed crimes like stealing cattle and other things. Malory loved to hunt and compete. There was a very good chance that he wrote a collection of books while he was in jail because he was knight and probably let him have access to books. In the collections of books that he wrote there was one called “From Morte D’Arthur” and in this story and a movie called “Excalibur” there are 3 messages of chivalry. First of I will tell you what chivalry is. Chivalry is seen today but started out back in king Arthur’s day. It is the code of the knights. Things like being loyal, honest, and courage. For example when a lady walks in you stand up and if there is no seat then you give up your own seat for the lady. Also you always respect your elders so if there is no seat available then like a lady, you would give up your seat. In King Arthur’s time if you were a knight you had to obey they code of the knight which was the code of chivalry. The code made it so if you were a knight then you were not able to have a wife but you were able to have a girl to fight for. It was a life time deal with the king to keep your code of chivalry and devote your life to the good cause of the king and the Kingdome. In the movie “Excalibur” one knight showed his loyalty to his king Arthur by doing
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