Sir Thomas Sean Connery Research Paper

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Sir Thomas Sean Connery, Academy Award winning actor grew up from humble beginnings during the depression. Born August 25, 1930 in Edinburgh, Scotland he was the oldest of his two brothers. At the height of World War II, Connery then 13, dropped out of school to support his family taking any job he could get. He worked as “...a milkman, laborer, steel bender, cement mixer--virtually anything” (“Sean Connery”) he stated, during an interview Rolling Stone magazine. After working a few years during odd jobs, he tried his luck with the British Royal Navy until he was given a medical discharge after he developed a stomach ulcer. After returning home he been getting in shape and in 1953 he went to London to participate in the Mr. Universe competition, earning third place, but to Connery the most important part of the trip…show more content…
Connery was given advice on what to do by a co-star in South Pacific, Robert Henderson, who said “ a soccer player, one is limited by age; a good actor could play challenging roles forever.” (“Sean Connery”) Following Henderson’s advice Thomas Connery continued on with the acting career and he looked up to Henderson as a mentor since he was uneducated. Starring in South Pacific gave Thomas, “a terrific sense of the importance of a lot of things I certainly would never have gotten in touch with” (“Sean Connery”) he said to Premiere. Begin that his whole name was too long for the billing of South Pacific, he acquired the name Sean Connery. After working on stage he began to take roles on British television which gained him critically acclamation and several film offers. Working on mostly B movies from 1955 to 1965, Terence Young, a director, gave Connery some advice after he asked if he would be successful. Yong advised him that he “...better keep swimming until I can get you a proper job, and I'll make up for what I did this time.” (Young) (Rampson, “Sean
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