Sir Tim Berners Lee : The Inventor Of The World Wide Web Essay

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee was born June 8th, 1955 in London, England and was one of the four children to Mary Lee Woods and Conway Berners-Lee. Tim Berners-Lee is known and credited as the inventor of the World Wide Web. Both of Tim Berners-Lee’s “parents worked on the first commercially-built computer” the Ferranti Mark I, which helped influence him into studying mathematics and science growing up as a child (Tim Berners-Lee Biography, n.d.). Tim attended Sheen Mount Primary School and then went on to study at Emanuel School in London, England. He then later went on to graduate in 1976 from Queen’s College of the University of Oxford with a first-class degree in physics. Soon after graduation, he received employment at a printing firm “Plessey Telecommunications Ltd., located in Poole, Dorset, England” (Dennis, 2014). He then eventually met his first wife Jane Northcote a fellow programmer who also studied at Oxford University. However, this relationship ended soon after. He then eventually left Plessey Telecommunications Ltd. and went on to work at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, also known as CERN in Switzerland as a consultant software engineer where he built the first prototype of a hypertext program called ‘ENQUIRE’. In July 1990 Tim Berners-Lee married his second wife Nancy Carlson, who was an American computer programmer who he met while working at CERN. Together Berners-Lee and Carlson had two children together. Again, this marriage did not last long and

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