Sir Walter Raleigh Sent Two Explorers

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In 1584, Sir Walter Raleigh sent two explorers – Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe to the new world to find a settlement location for colonist settlement. They arrived in the New World on 4 July 1584 and established a good relationship with the natives. Earning the trust of the native, Amadas and Barlowe returned back to England in 1585 with two natives – Manteo and Wanchese. Manteo was the chief of the Croatoan tribe and Wanchese was from Roanoke; both speak Algonquian. The explorers had good and exciting news to report of the wonders of the New World, specifically Roanoke Island, and how to it could enrich England more. Sir Raleigh reported the discovery of the Island and the located was named Virginia, in honor of the Virgin Queen.…show more content…
All the colonists wanted a fresh start, they were in search of a better life and wanted a place they could call their home void of all the restriction imposed on their lives by their current land. The colonists had lived under so much hardship and inequality and they were hopeful for a new beginning. Therefore, joining the expedition was a lot easier With the help of Amadas and Barlowe, the geography of the area was created and Sir Raleigh sent the colonists on the second expedition full of hope for the venture. The expedition was led by Sir Richard Grenville. Grenville left England with five ships, but the ships separated during the cause of their travel and reunited in the Outer Bank of the Island. While at sea, one of the ships hits a shoal and lost most of their food supplies to water. Also, one of the ship – The Red Lion – dropped off it passengers and left the colonists on the Outer Bank. The colonists moved to Roanoke Island and began to settle into the area. The got to the Island after the planting season was over, so they could not plant anything. To make their situation further complicated, they constantly fought the neighboring natives and this behavior put a strain on their relationship with the natives and subsequently on their stay on the island. During their initial exploration of the area, the colonists fought with the native of Aquoscogoc village of over a stolen silver cup; the
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