Sir Winston Churchill Essay

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Winston Churchill had many accomplishments during his life. He was a remarkable politician but also a great solider, speech writer, and artist. He was considered one of the best politicians and speech writers of both his time and ours. He was born into the upper class but was able to sympathize with the poor and working class too. Churchill was loved and respected by all. Of all his great accomplishments, Churchill was best known for his two terms as prime minister. Winston Churchill was the son of Lord Randolph Churchill and Jennie Jerome. His father was a member of parliament and various other high positions. His mother, considered one of the most beautiful women of her time, was an American and part Cherokee Indian. Winston’s…show more content…
In addition, this was an all boy’s school. Winston especially hated Latin and French and both of these classes were drilled into his head. While Winston was at Saint James he received many beatings because he was a prankster and his independent nature and quick mind caused many misunderstandings. While young Winston was at Saint James his health suffered greatly and he found it hard to keep up with his schoolwork. Winston’s nanny and family doctor continued begging for his removal from the school until his parents finally moved him to a less strict and harsh school called Brighton, run by two elderly women. He now studied more poetry, which he loved to memorize and recite. Instead of playing rough sports such as rugby he could now ride horses and swim. Brighton loved plays and staged them very often. Winston loved to act in them and often played the lead. Even though, his parents never came to see him act he continued with his love for theater. At the age of twelve it was time for Winston to move on to a preparatory school which prepared him for a university. Lord Randolph applied him to Harrow, one of the most well know private boarding schools. To be accepted Winston would have to pass entrance exams in many subjects including Latin. He handed in the Latin portion of his exam completely blank and had not been for his famous father Winston would never
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