Sir Winston Churchill's We Shall Fight On The Beaches

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Delivered in 1940 to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom “We shall fight on the beaches” is arguably the most defining speech in world history. Being the second of three speeches delivered by Prime Minister Winston Churchill, during the midst of World War II. The speech was used to the deliver news regarding the greatest military disaster to date in Dunkirk. In his speech Churchill was able to channel into audience patriotic spirit and desire to preserve, by depicting the deeds of the brave men of British military with conviction. Through his vivid storytelling, Churchill connects with his audience immediately by providing the horrific details of them being attacked by hostile aircrafts and the hail of bombs. Churchill’s ability to illustrate the details of what the soldier’s encountered while in Belgium places the audience in the perspective of a soldier in their ammo boots. This…show more content…
However the present circumstances inspired the heart felt message, as it was needed to address the events prior to the speech. Sir Winston Churchill exemplifies the meaning of leadership and heroism. His speech accompanied by his actions will continue to leave his legacy cemented in world history. Utilizing repetition in his speech pattern, and effectively delivering his speech with outstanding cadence and tone, he was able to uplift and unite the people of Great Britain. Churchill’s heartfelt remarks about perseverance, determination and thoughtfulness heavily impacted me. I was able to generate a correlation of Churchill’s speech, to the work of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech. Both speakers were able to effectivity connect with their audience, and use repetition to instill courage and belief. Churchill and King may have come from different era’s, and appealed to different audiences, but both were able to convey the same message and be an inspiration to people of the current generation and those to
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