Sirius XM Strategic Analysis Capstone Project Proposal

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Capstone Project Proposal MBA6028 Capella University Dr. Rebecca Snarski I. Introduction. a. Target Organization. I plan to conduct a strategic analysis on Sirius XM, Inc. I do not have direct access to this company; however, I submitted a letter to the Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Dara Altman, requesting access to requested information and data that may not otherwise be available. I will use information from the Sirius XM website, the U.S. Securities and Exchange (SEC) 10-K and associated reports for Sirius XM. I also plan to research as much relevant information as possible from peer-reviewed journals and other valid periodicals through the Capella University…show more content…
Sirius XM is competing in an industry that is consistently changing. This industry is very dependent on emerging technologies; therefore, flexible and responsive strategies are critical to sustained success. It will be a challenge to determine exactly what elements of each strategy should be used, but the amount of competition is certainly not constant. There are always new and emerging competitors in every industry. It is necessary to integrate strategic analysis tools, such as Porter’s five forces model, that focuses on competition with emphasis on cost leadership, differentiation, and, or focus on a particular segment (Kaplan and Norton, 1992) (as cited in Bento, Bento, & White, 2013). It is also necessary to consider all financial and non-financial elements of operations, such as the balanced scorecard. Certainly a focus on the financial perspective of the company is important, but the company must also focus on the customers’ perspectives, the internal business processes (how efficient is the company?), and certainly learning and growth. Expertise of the relevant products and services of a given industry is critical to sustainability. As with all companies that provide technology-based products and services, Sirius XM has to maintain a perpetual state of research and development in order to remain relevant and competitive. In an environment that involves consistent change, there is a critical need for the
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