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Sista Girl: Play Review Kyle Morrison directed this two person play that was written by Elena Carpetis and Alexis West. Several people including set designer, Miranda Hampton were a huge part of transforming Sista Girl into a play that has performed statewide. Sista Girl goes for a total length of 80 minutes including 20 minutes for a Q & A session with the actors. Nakisha Grey and Georgie Grey were originally played by Natasha Wanganeen and Nadia Rossi but Natasha had a family issue and was unable to perform. So when we watched the play, Sharni McDermott stepped in to perform as Nakisha and did a great job of it. Our school viewed this play on Friday 2nd June, 2017 at the Space Theatre, Adelaide. It seemed though, when we viewed it, the majority of the audience were in year 12 or even older, which is understandable because the play was a little bit confronting and very heavy. Sista Girl looks deeply into strong themes related to social racism, identity issues, death etc. The play is set in modern day Australia on Australia Day, January 26th. It revolves around two girls in their early thirties living their life in two separate worlds. One, an Italian woman with a sick nonna and a basic life. The other, an Aboriginal working in a high end business corporation. The play begins with them each traveling through life both narrating their surrounding, Nakisha in a car and Georgie on the bus. Nakisha tells us about the traffic and Georgie enlightens us with the different

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