Sister College: Trinity College Oxford: Men and Women

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Founded 1960 by Sir Winston Churchill. Sister College – Trinity College Oxford. Men and Women – Undergraduates 470 Postgraduates 300. Following his resignation as prime minister in 1955, Winston Churchill, the irrepressible wartime leader and Nobel Prize winner for literature, started to think about creating a lasting legacy. During his travels he had been enormously impressed with M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA) and realised it was of national importance to be at forefront of scientific and technological developments. After discussions with Sir John Colville and Lord Cherwell he decided to create a thoroughly modern, science based, college at Cambridge. However, for the sake of a balanced community, Churchill insisted that 30% of students must be non-scientists. (One can only imagine the experiences Churchill endured to insist on this!). Since foundation that 30% has developed an outstanding reputation for excellence in the fields of social sciences, the arts and humanities. One of the first all-male college to admit females The college was founded in 1960 and received full college status in 1966. Churchill was in the first wave of all-male colleges to admit female members who entered in 1972. Women now make up one third of student numbers. A huge area of 42 acres, previously farmland, was purchased in north Cambridge, about a 12-minute walk away from the city centre (but only 5 minutes from the University Library). The original ground plan adopts a
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