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1. What is Angelous main purpose in this narrative? What does she want to show about Sister Flower’s effect on her?

To teach young children that being yourself is the best way to live, taking chances, being respectful and opening up always goes a long way. I feel she wants to show us that reading and writing are great separate but together it shows within. Words are taught to people from books, so if no one reads new words how will the next person learn the meaning. 2. How does Angelou use sensory details and imagery in paragraphs 24 to introduce Mrs. Flower’s character?

She cascades the words to show feeling, compassion and how much she wanted her to speak up, using words to make a meaning. 3. Why does Angelou
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Flowers? Cite some evidence from the essay that supports your view of her character.

She was a shy girl, stayed at home, did the same activities daily and didn’t want to be in that town. In paragraph 1 she says over a year I have sat stooped around the hose, to the store and church feeling dirty and edible. 7. How does the description of Mrs. Flower’s house and possessions help communicate Angelous childhood reverence for this woman? Why were the cookies and lemonade so important?

The description details how neat, clean, up scaled, homely and the feeling of love surrounding being there. The cookies and lemonade are important because Mrs. Flowers made the especially for her and it was like the two having tea with sandwiches.

8. Why does Angelou choose to use dialogue in paragraphs 3741 instead of just describing the scene?

Because the way she describes it makes you feel like your right there, knowing the feeling without actually seeing the item. Capturing the reader’s attention to detail bring the scenery closer to understanding and wanting to know more.

9. Does Angelou use enough vivid details to make her narrative seem believable and her characters realistic? Cite two or three examples of descriptive language that you think are particularly effective.

Yes, because in 10. Why does Angelou include paragraphs 42, 44, and 45 at the end of her essay? Would the extent of Mrs. Flower’s impact on the author be as

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