Sister Told Me Narrative

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“So what are you implying this time, Poppy?” My older sister asked me, it was such a repeated question, and she had asked me during so many previous check-ups. If it was such an important question, and if she wanted a different response from me, she should have worded it differently. I was ascending into adolescence, but I wasn’t young enough to know her voice was snark. Her unintentional malicious personality always antagonised me. “That he’s real.” I remember dully replying, the kid with the short brunette hair, and big brown eyes, only I could see him. I had to be the only one, according to them. This was odd because I knew he wasn’t imaginary, “maybe he’s a ghost.” I jokingly inquired being the kid I was. Ashleigh, my older sister who my mum decided would…show more content…
A big part of me always believed that she only shunned away my thoughts of the boy so she’d get away with calling me insane; having to be a doctor for your own sister, because she’s doing crazy things with her imaginary friend. I told her yes with an annoyed attitude, and I remember her taking immediate notice. “Are you lying?” She asked, and I suddenly hated her, my own…show more content…
I asked her if we were almost done so I could go play on our self-made backyard swing set, while listening to Papa playing Michael Jackson’s album ‘Thriller’. Ashleigh only continued to jot dot points down on her notebook. “How are you feeling?” She sat down her pen, and placed her delicate hands in her lap before she pushed her poorly brushed hair behind her ear. “Like-” I paused, and sat up straight so I wasn’t slouched. “Can I throw your journal in the trash? I feel like doing that.” I shifted my eyes toward the window listening to my instinct. That was where a pair of eyes stared right back at
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