Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants Analysis

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Sisterhood of the traveling pants Lifelong friendship can teach you to forgive and to learn how to deal with your own problems. However sometimes they are not going to be beside you at all times. If they go somewhere on vacation, you might run into a bad problem and you don’t have any experience with solving them on your own. That gives you a good reason to solve the problem without them solving it with you or for you. In the sister hood of the traveling pants each girl runs into a problem and they don’t have each other to help them with their problems. Throughout the story, the girls meet new people and start out frustrated with them, thus they start getting to know them more and they learn an important lesson from them. In example, Carmen needs to learn how to open up to her dad. When she flies down to visit her dad he gives her the news about how he is getting married to another woman. Thus meaning that Carmen has to get used to visiting her father and new mom and siblings. Since Carmen doesn’t talk to her dad that…show more content…
Bridget is to confident, she thinks she knows everyone then she does. In the movie Bridget thinks she knows Eric even though she does not. She makes the mistake and ends up hurting herself more because she thinks that she knows Eric so well they end up doing “stuff” together. Eric realizes that he had made a mistake and did the mature thing and left her. Now because Bridget was so overly confident with herself and others she has now hurt herself even more and ends up being upset with Eric and herself. Eric realizes the mistake he had made and fly’s down to apologize to Bridget about the mistake he had made. Eric meets with Bridget and apologizes about how since he is the older one he should have been mature and said no. Thus meaning that sometimes thinking that you know someone or something more then you actually do isn’t always the best thing to
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