Sisters Of Mercy Thesis

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The Sisters of Mercy were and are advocates for immigration in the same way as they are now as it was back in the past. In the past, the Sisters of Mercy opened up a house that was made intentionally to help out the poor people of the community. The house was also open to people that needed help fitting into their community since some of them came from different places of the country so they were not use to the new environment so the Sisters were there in order to help them adjust. In today’s society, the Sisters of Mercy changed their priorities a bit instead of helping all of the poor people which they still do they have decided to focus more on the matter of deportation and detention centers. I feel that the Sisters of Mercy are doing a…show more content…
I feel that the sisters mission is in the right direction that is in order to help people that are leaving their home country to be with their family or who came here to work and give their family a better life. I also feel happy to know that there are still people in the world that are trying to keep families together instead of breaking them apart and they are doing this by helping them get papers in order for ICE to not be able to deport them for being here illegally. The sisters of Mercy are also helping immigrants that do not speak or understand the English language by accompanying them to their doctor appointments and to see lawyers and that gives me a good feeling because by doing so they are able to understand everything that they are saying and are not going to get scammed for not knowing what they…show more content…
They decided to open up a school in order to give them a fighting chance in society because without an education one will not get very far. In today society the Sisters are still doing the same thing by opening up the private home for immigrants it allows them to be able to go out and get and education in English as a second language. I am glad to know that they have this opportunity because by them being able to get English as a second language they are able to communicate more with other people and thrive more in society because they are able to get a work permit and start working for the time they are here. I plan to study biology pre-health at Saint Xavier University in order to be able to enter the health care system and be able to help out the less fortunate. The Sisters have inspired me to pursue this career because it had made me realize that a lot of immigrants in this society don’t go to doctors for years since they do not have insurance or a health plan so they are not able to afford the high prices of the medicine or the checkups. I hope to open up my own clinic when I graduate from SXU in order to offer low cost checkups for people that do not have any type of medical
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