Sitcom : A Sitcom Or Situation Comedy

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Anyone who owns a television had watched a sitcom of some kind. Ether it’s a good episode of Big Bang Theory or a whole season of How I Met Your Mother we all had experience a sitcom. A sitcom or situation comedy is a kind of genre that forces on a set of characters in a certain environment. Each episode would have an event that will affect the characters in the show, and then those characters will react in a comical way. Over the decades of sitcoms airing on television, certain sitcoms started to fellow some kind of formula. Each sitcom are different in some way, however some have clear similarity to one another. For instance take Family Guy, which is a sitcom about of a middle-class family, and The Simpsons, which also a sitcom about of a middle-class family. To show the similarity and different of these two sitcoms, I will compare and contracts two episode; episode 1 of season 1 of the Family Guy and episode 3 of season 1 of The Simpsons. I claim that both Family Guy and The Simpsons have similar aspects, which are the theme, style of comedy, the fathers, and their family. Most shows have an iconic theme that’s specialized just for them. A small excerpt from the theme song is enough to recognize the show. The opening of Family Guy starts of a musical talking about the family aspect of the show. First, Lois and Peter singing about the problems of television today and how they don’t have some kind of family show, and then they immediately zoom out to the entire main cast
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