Site Coordinators For Expanded Learning Program

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Site Coordinators for expanded learning program manage a lot of things including, employees, children, programming, operations and much more. According to the Site Coordinator job posting on (n.d.), Site Coordinators manages all aspects of a single educational site to ensure that the program meets educational and recreational objectives and is managed in accordance with policies and procedures including safe work practices. They also supervises all staff and volunteers and are liaises with parents, collaborators, school management, donors and visitors. Site Coordinators are often referred to as the after school time principals, and the job description and requirements match that expectation. A job description identifies characteristics of the job to be performed in terms of the tasks, duties, and responsibilities to be fulfilled (Youssef 2015 sec. 3.1). The job description for Site Coordinator is direct and through. Some task that are included in the job description are; supervises all staff, students and volunteers in the program at the site, interviews, recommends hiring and evaluates classroom supervisors and other part-time team members, designs a site program schedule together with the THINK Together administrative team such that students have access to snack time, homework help and a variety of recreational, educational and enrichment activities, works with collaborative partners (if applicable) to implement programs, works with other providers
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