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Site Structure Introduction The evolution of the make-to-order business model for tablet PCs based on the Google Android operating system is ready to enter the next phase of its website development, which is metaphor definition, site structure listing and the creation fo a design document. Implicit in the site structure definition is the flexibility of allowing prospective and existing customers to personalize the site for their unique needs, preferences and wants. The ability to create a highly personalized user experience online is critical to the success of any e-commerce or online initiative (Perugini, 2010). Throughout this chapter the key attributes that increase consumer purchase intention are defined in the context of the build-to-order process online through a tablet configurator and workflow design (Chen, Hsu, Lin, 2010). Metaphor Definition It is common to find websites that align with a specific metaphor ranging from the functional, to organizational and visual as well. The metaphor for this website is based on freedom from being constrained by a bulky, expensive and partially-configurable laptop computer that often can't connect easily to the Internet. The freedom metaphor will be pervasive throughout the entire site with visual metaphors of students not having to lug around heavy laptops, just a build-to-order based tablet PC. There will also be visual metaphors of freedom for road warriors who have ditched their laptops and now travel exclusively
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