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Site Visit Cognitive behavioral techniques are used during a counseling session in a hospital or office setting by therapist. Although I was unable to do a current Site visit to a human service department of a company to write my report, I do know from my own experience some things pertaining to programs that employ behavioral or genitive intervention and or models. In this paper I will attempt to explore some areas within a cognitive intervention such as: • What population participates in the program • Who presents the program • How the effectiveness of the intervention is measured • How do they determine a need for the program • Do they have plans for other programs that use behavioral models and techniques • What other…show more content…
Rational-emotive therapists help people to straighten out the irrational thinking. The people presenting the program are not punishers; they help to reinforce positive behavior. The effectiveness of their intervention is measured by the therapist and is based on the knowledge of whether they see any change within the client. The change in the client has to be from negative to positive. The effectiveness is also measures by peer reviews. In the group setting that I have been involved in, while the group of clients takes a break from the group session, a group of therapist has a debriefing of their own. They evaluate any behavior progress that they may have noticed within the clients and discuss whether the process is working. Just as with any other study, the effectiveness of behavior intervention varies by the outcome of the group. “A more full understanding of the effects seen in this literature may be obtained by closer Examination the individual studies” (Effectiveness of Behavioral Interventions to Modify Physical Activity Behaviors In General Populations and Cancer Patients and Survivors", 2004). The effectiveness of their intervention in determined by the setting in which the intervention took place. Determining the need for the program depends on the number of people wanting to change a specific cognitive behavior. The behavioral
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