Site Visit Report : St. Paul Lutheran Church

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Karina Cruz 580 Indian Trace - Weston, FL 33326
St. Paul Lutheran Church (954) 384-9096 Lutheran Hours of worship:
Jean Gillis Sundays 8 A.M. & 11 A.M.
Site Visit Report: St. Paul Lutheran Church The Lutheran religion is a branch of Protestant Christianity, and it was a result of their founder, Dr. Martin Luther, stepping away from the Roman Catholic religion in his mission to reform it. Luther’s intention was never to create a new religion; he solely wanted to reform the Catholic religion to rid the church of its contradictions to the bible. For my site visitation, I attended a Lutheran service at St. Paul Lutheran Church. This particular Lutheran church that I went too is associated to the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, the 2nd largest Lutheran organization in the United States. The primary scripture for the Lutheran religion is the same Holy Bible used by the Catholic religion. Lutherans not only follow the bible, but also the teachings of Martin Luther. Lutherans of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) take the Holy Bible as literal and they do not ordain women, but allow them take part as officers in the church (“Lutherans in the USA” 1). Similar to the Catholic Religion, Lutherans of the LCMS believe that the communion is the actual blood and body of Christ. Lutherans, although they sometimes refer to their clergy’s as priests, more often refer to them
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