Sitting In That Room, You Wait Anxiously For The Arrival

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Sitting in that room, you wait anxiously for the arrival of the nurse with the bag of “goodies.” As the door opens, she walks in and sets the needles beside you. Then a stench of alcohol is released in the air as she rubs the wipe on your arm. Then she counts down, “3-2-1.” That is when you feel the pinch of a needle. That was not so bad, considering that the vaccine is going to protect you. Parents should make their kids get vaccinated because it protects them from the diseases that run through the world. Fear of autism is leading to a fear of vaccines; however, vaccines are critically important for children’s health. Disneyland, California is supposed to be one of the happiest and most magical place on Earth. Hundreds of people visit…show more content…
Vaccinations are one of the studies that will never die and will continue to shock people. The first vaccine was invented by an English scientist, Edward Jenner in the late eighteenth century. He was helping solve a case of the smallpox that was running through a little boy (“Vaccine Debate”, 1). It was a success and that is when the first vaccine was invented. Today, we have learned more and more about these type of vaccines. We have created some of the most prestigious needles to help cure different viruses. We are able to live longer with these immunizations and are able to help create a better living environment. However, vaccinations could take another side. Fear has crept into the minds of parents. The fear of something going wrong; the fear of it not working; and the fear of autism. Autism has crossed the minds of many in different states. The reason is of a study done by one scientist. All it took was one study to send the world into panic. Andrew Wakefield, a British scientist, shocked the world with the lab results he recorded. He found that vaccines can spread autism by mutating DNA (“Vaccine Debate”, 1). Of course, this study is going to send terrible thoughts into the minds of parents getting their child vaccinated. Only one scientist completed this study and it was published all over the books, magazines, and internet. Years later, other scientists did not believe this was an accurate study due to it being only a “one man’s” study.
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