Situation Analysis: . Millennium Partners And The Ritz

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Situation Analysis:
Millennium Partners and The Ritz Carlton Hotel have partnered up to open a hotel located in Washington D.C. This hotel will be a multi-use facility called the “Hospitality Complex” where you will find the 300-room Ritz Carlton Hotel, luxurious condos at the top of the complex, restaurants, spas, sports facilities, and retail shops. There is a huge concern that the time frame of the seven-day training process is not enough time from new employees to deliver the supreme guest service that the Ritz Carlton is known for. This Seven Day countdown prohibits the hotel from opening at a higher occupancy rate which means the hotel not making revenue.
When I think of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, I think of high quality service,
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Therefore, the hotel would lose potential revenue. We need to keep in mind that there are two parties to please. New employees need to feel like they are ready to work on the floor, please guests, and happy and confident with their work. We also need to keep in mind that the guests are the reason that we have jobs. If guests did not keep coming back to the hotel, employees would not be working.
Together, we need to create a plan to either rebuild the training process, or keep it the way it is. Either way, if we could revamp the Seven Day Countdown and on the first day of operation, open with a higher occupancy rate, we would not only save money, but make more in the long run. We also need to make sure the brand image does not change during this process. Like I said earlier, there is a lot at risk here. We also need to keep our competitors in mind. We need to set ourselves aside from The Four Seasons Hotel in a way that is so unique and will keep guests coming back. Guest loyalty is huge in the hotel industry, and if we don’t create a unique value, experience, and environment for guests, they will look to stay elsewhere.
Strategic Options:
Collins believes that if the hotel extends the Seven Day Countdown, then the hotel will reach higher occupancy in shorter time span. There are a lot of pros that go along with keeping the Seven Day Countdown the way it is. Pros for keeping the training the way it is include
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