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Situation Analysis Social/Cultural: Sociocultural segment is concerned with a society’s attitudes and cultural values. Attitudes and values form the cornerstone of a society and they often drive demographic, economic, political/legal, and technological conditions and changes. The social factor affects EPCL in a way that the international economy has just shown some signs of economic recovery, whereas, Pakistan is still passing through tough liquidity crunch and financial crisis due to the recent floods. Therefore, the social behavior of the population of the country has now strongly shifted from that of the spenders to the savers, which has also affected the demand for PVC in ghe domestic market. Moreover, the current uncertainty and…show more content…
EPCL has to keep track of the PVC manufacturing technology to prevent itself from operating on less efficient technologies. Global Overall general Environment: It includes relevant new global markets, existing markets that are changing, important international political events, and critical cultural and institutional characteristics of global markets. The company has established itself as a regular supplier to several businesses in the region thus establishing a strong customer base outside Pakistan. The international customer base is located in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE, Bahrain, etc. High Product quality with its strategic geographical location has given the company an advantage to successfully provide a level of exports at a competitive price. Porter’s Five Forces Bargaining Powers of Buyers: It is achieved when large or bulk purchases are made, which accounts for seller’s annual revenues and substitute products are available at a lower cost and are standardized or undifferentiated, and the buyers pose a credible threat if they were to integrate backward into the sellers’ industry. Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited (ECPL) A premier brand and nationwide presence ensure sellout production to Pakistani and international customers, due to flexible demand delivery and low down payments. Buyers have power over when they are concentrated, purchase a significant

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