Situation Analysis/Target Market Identification Report for Ford Falcon Ute

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10850 Marketing 100 Sem 1 2013 SA/TM ID Report Cover Sheet Name______adf_____Sally Student____________sfaf_______________ Student Number___012545654__ 12345678_______________________sf_________ Tutor’s Name__sfaf_____ Tina Tutor _____________fasdfdf________ Tutorial Day________Wednesday_______adfdf___________________________ Tutorial Time:______10am – 11.30am_______________________asdfdsf____ Student Comments to Lecturer/Tutor (if any)________adff_____________________ _________________________________________________________________ ____________________________adfsdfsadf_____________________________________ Please read the following and electronically sign where indicated: Declaration: I declare the attached assignment is my own work and…show more content…
The business costs are very important when determining the price of the FFU. This is because every cost that is going into the production, advertising and distribution of the car is passed on to the customers. Sellers will have to search for the most effective and efficient option of producing the vehicle parts, and assembling the cars. Some of the sellers’ decisions which will affect the prices of the vehicles are, costs of having the vehicles assembled in countries the vehicles are sold at compared to the shipping costs of assembled vehicles to be sold internationally. Shipping costs are expenses that must be considered when setting the price of the FFU. Labour costs play a significant part as the vehicle has to be produced from raw material up until to the sale of the product. Some considerations to reduce the costs may be to employ intermediary agents to assist with other operations that may require some specialty expert knowledge. The price of the FFU is in the middle range amongst its competitors. Current price of a basic FFU compare to competitors are as listed in the table below; Ford Falcon Ute Holden Ute Mazda Ute Volkswagen Ute From $41,595 ( From $38, 990 ( From $28,560 ( From $43,990 ( Buyers of the FFU will base purchase on the image of the product (please refer to section 3 for a detailed explanation of

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