Situation Analysis and Problem Statement Paper-Global Communications

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Situation Analysis and Problem Statement: Global Communications Corporation
University of Phoenix Situation Analysis and Problem Statement
Global Communications (GC) is a technology firm struggling with the after effects of the bust in the Information Technology Industry. GC is faced with how to rebound, based upon the strategic initiatives presented by the Senior Leadership Team. This paper will explore the real problem that Global Communication faces meeting the challenge for continued competition in the technology arena. Through the application of the 9-step problem solving method the writer will dissect the situation and assess the
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Continued moves to offshore locations are causing many consumers to look twice at companies that use this tactic for an increased market share (Stones, 2003). The final issue identified is the possibility of litigation by the Union officials.
Opportunity Identification There are many opportunities for Global Communications in moving forward with its plan of action. The first opportunity is the possibility of increased technical sophistication by partnering with a satellite provider to offer video services and a satellite version of Broadband. This in turn will allow GC the opportunity to increased market share. By providing the consumer with a more diverse product to choose from, GC will be able to gain a competitive edge in the market and garner new customers in the process. Another opportunity found is the chance to cut unit cost by outsourcing the call center to India or Ireland. This move will allow GC the chance to become a key player in the global arena. It will also provide GC with a labor force that is technically advanced to meet the needs of a growing market at a lower price (Rossheim, 2006). The combination of all of these opportunities will provide GC with the much needed profitability capabilities to sustain its operations for the next three years as well as produce a higher yield for stockholders.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical
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