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McDonald’s Chicken Burger MARKETING PLAN Hasan | Dilan | Malith | Sumeera | Buddhini | Lakna Hasan | Dilan | Malith | Sumeera | Buddhini | Lakna Executive Summary This marketing plan is made out of the Market Research done by McDonald’s R&D team about McDonald’s Chicken Burger. Under this Executive Summary, goals and the strategies that used to achieve those goals are shortly described. McDonald’s main goal is to ensure Quality service, Cleanliness and Value (QSC&V) for each & every customer, each and every time. To fulfill that, we mainly focus on high quality food and superior service in a clean, welcoming environment, at a great value. In addition to that there are marketing strategies to reach for our targets.(4p’s)…show more content…
* Over exposure * People see McDonald’s everywhere and this over exposure might also be a reason for abstinence. * Maintenance of standards in chain of restaurants * Maintaining the standard of such a huge chain becomes feasible and when there is a lack of quality service in one store it affects the whole brand. * Staff Trainings The same factors which were considered as strengths also become a weakness if it impedes the overall performance of the company. Opportunities * Increasing number of people looking for food that is served in a quick and friendly way * Introduction of new technology * Emergence of Go Green concept * Introduction of brown paper bags with a considerable percentage of recycled content Threats * Emphasis on healthier eating * Ubiquity * This is the key threat because McDonald’s are everywhere the dining experience is never special * Alliances with toy manufacturers * This is popular with customers but it do little for the bottom line because the cost to run their promotions can be quite expensive * New competitors * Changing customer lifestyle * Positive negative publicity PEST Analysis Political and Legal Environment * Changes in laws about packaging * Employment legislation * Safety regulation * Unusual political interventions * International treaties Economic Environment * Changes in inflation rates * Government taxation policies

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