Situation Crime Prevention

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Situational Crime Prevention There are many strategies that can be considered situational crime prevention strategies. Pick one of the following crime reduction strategies. 1. Improved Street Lighting 2. Surveillance Cameras on street 3. Use of access control for buildings 4. Electronic merchandise tags 5. Red light cameras After picking one of the 5 techniques outlined above do some research on it. First state what the techniques does and why it would be hypothesized to decrease crime. Second discuss the effectiveness of the strategy. You may need to seek out academic journal articles through the library databases to answer these questions. Please cite your sources. This assignment is due Sunday night (2/21/16) at…show more content…
Cameras could also promote a false sense of security and lead citizens to take fewer precautions, or they could also cause more crimes to be reported, and thus lead to a perceived increase in crime.” I agree with the completely. When I see cameras I feel safer. I have worked in the hospitality industry for over twelve years and I depend on the cameras in case an altercation arises. I can tell you how upset and terrified I was when I found out one place I had worked installed fake cameras. We had a large group of men get into an altercation with 3 bystanders and nothing other than my word to describe what happened. Cameras enable users to record footage so they can watch at a later time, help find criminals, and receive justice from the law. However, they can’t stop a crime when it is in progress. They do not send alerts to the police or neighbors like an alarm system would. They also could be seen as a invasion of privacy. I do not mind having cameras around but I am also not a potential criminal or a past criminal of any crimes. Each argument has great points and both pros and cons. Personally, I like have cameras that would help solve crimes or catch someone for being unlawful. Citation: Welsh, Brandon C., Farrington, David P; "Public Area CCTV and Crime Prevention: An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis," Justice Quarterly, October, 2009, Volume 26, Issue 4, pages 716-745. DOI: 10.1080/07418820802506206. - See
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