Situation Emotions And Feelings Communication Technique

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CONFLICT RESOLUTION/ASSERTIVENESS REFLECTIVE JOURNAL SITUATION EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUE I handed in my evaluation package one week before the due date. My host teacher said she would try to give it back to me next week. One week later, I went to placement , told my host teacher I had to take them back. But she said she had not finished them. I felt so depressed that she did not give my package back to me on time. Actual Response: I chose to avoid telling my ideas to my host teacher. I helped her to set up materials for children but I did not talk too much with her. Communication Technique: Next time I would try “clear message format”, that is I will say, “ I know that you are busy doing activities with children and you did not have enough time to finish evaluation package in one week. I feel depressed and stressful because I had to hand it in to my field liaison on time. If not, it may influence my midterm grade. I intend to hand in it two weeks before the due date next time.” I went to daycare on time on Thursday. I brought the materials for cooking activities there. But my host teacher said to me the other student came here today and she would do her activity. So I could not do my activity today. I asked her, “Why I could not do this activity ? I handed in the planning sheet one week ago.” She said, “I know. But we could not use meat to do cooking. Some children can not eat meat.” I thought that it was an excuse so that I sad nothing
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