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Wong Hoi Mei S128495 BJC4213-L02 Case Study 1-Hoi Tin Tong Situation analysis Hoi Tin Tong (HTT) was established in 1990 in Hong Kong. It has over 80 chains retail stores in Asia market. This shows that it has distinctive market share and strong market brand name in its target market. HTT offers different varieties of products like Herbal drink Series, Chinese Herbal Series, Cooking Sauce Series, and Chinese Herbal Gummy Series and sold through stores, supermarkets, schools, etc. However, compare to HTT, Hung Fook Tong (HFT) has more than 120 stores in China and HK and more than 3000 retail points. Also, it offers over 100 different types of products which is more diverse. Moreover, consumers also perceive HFT and HealthWorks provide…show more content…
However, it lacks of celebrity among young generation. This implies that Hoi Tin Tong has a room to investigate in younger aged market. For the opportunities, First, Hung Fook Tong (HFT) was found that 10 types of products need to undercarriage. This implies the customers of HFT may throw into Hoi Tin Tong if it can seize the chance. Second, the young generation is a potential market, a survey disclosed in Sun Newspaper states that turtle jelly is in 3rd place when ranking the most representative gourmet food in Hong Kong by primary students. Also, the young generation is health conscious, and would like to find a easy way to improve their health situation. Threats First, there is high competition among herbal drinks shops like KWT, JDB, HFT. All of them are established in 1980s or 1990s. Second, some analogous competitors have already rebranded in young line, for example, HFT has built up a fashion image to youngsters and turned traditional herbal tea shop into a modern and innovative enterprise over the years. Other herbal tea shops which were found in 2000s, targets to youngsters especially, such as Wang Ming Tong, decorated as a side walk café. Goals First, to rebuild Hoi Tin Tong’s reputation within the turtle jelly industry and clarify defamation to reinforce its authentic and professional image. Second, to promote better appreciation of Hoi Tin Tong among potential

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