Situational Analysis: 7th Grade Language Arts

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Situational Analysis Grade 7th Grade Language Arts Classroom rules and routines: In this classroom, I am committed to building a cooperative learning environment that contributes to the confidence of students in sharing their ideas. This confidence is built around an understanding that the students have, that they are to respect each other and their ideas. There are multiple ethnicities represented in this classroom, therefore it is paramount that everybody respects each other and appreciates what others have to say. The students understand that in order for there to be an effective learning environment, they need to be active participants while also having the patience to wait until they are called upon to speak. Physical grouping of the students: The students will be arranged in clusters of four. Each student will have their own desk and chair. There will be certain groups with an extra student. They will sit with their desk on the end that faces the front. This will also help in classroom management as I will be able to place a student who struggles with attention, on the end. This particular grouping pattern allows for effective group learning as well as being accommodating for the instructor to be able to move around and check on students as a group or as individuals. This is also an effective grouping for group discussions based on whole class, small group, or even pairs. Student breakdown: Girls: 13 Boys: 14 Total: 27 Classroom range of abilities: This classroom

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